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VBS Family Bag

Full of Science and family fun!

There will be fun projects posted here each day. 


Family Canvas Banner

Canvas Banner

As a family come up with a design for your family crest.  Markers work best on the canvas.  You can add fun pom poms, beads or even noodles using Elmer's or craft glue. 



Here are the steps:
1. Stack 6-8 sticks together and rubber band at each end.
2. Stack 2 sticks together and rubber band at one end.
3. Place 6-8 stick stack inside 2 stick stack and rubber band in an X format.
4. Rubber band the spoon onto the top stick in a few places for stability.
5.  Annnnnddd FIRE!!!  Take over the castle!


9 foot Goliath

Color David and Goliath then cut around them.  Tape David on your shirt and tape Goliath on the wall 9 feet in the air.  Throw marshmellows at Goliath to see how many times you can hit him.  Give your siblings, friends or even mom/dad the marshmellows to see if they can hit Goliath. 

If you have any questions you may call

Tammy Brabec at (402)750-7722 or

email her at


Pom Pom Shooter

Find a toilet paper tube. 

Tie the normal end of the balloon (no air in the balloon)

Cut the the tip of the top end of a balloon.

Open that end of the balloon.  you might want to use a little tape to hold the end of the balloon on.  

Load the balloon with pom poms.

Pull on the knotted end and poooof you have a pom pom shooter. 

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