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Our church is more than just Sunday prayers. There’s a whole lot happening with our community throughout the week. We hold frequent gatherings and events, with special get togethers for families, kids and new members.


By Megan Doffin 


by Dawn Starman & Tammy Brabec 


by Pastor Bridget 

This is a new ladies group for ladies in their 20's & 30's to come together once a month for fellowship, outings and other activities.

Coming Soon!  Watch for more information.  

Ladies night is back!  This group is for ladies gather once a month for creating beautiful crafts, going shopping together and so many more activities. 

Coming Soon! Watch for new information.  

Coming Soon!  Watch the Bulletin for information.

Ladies Night on Zoom

  During the next week you will work on your board.  Contact Dawn or Tammy if you need anymore materials or are just plain stumped.  We will meet a 2nd time on Zoom on May 14th at 7:00 p.m. to show our results.  If many are not finished we can set up another meeting.  We will send the nails, boards, and colors but let us know if you do not have a hammer.  Cost is $10 per board.


Attach your template to the board or trace your template on the board

Place nails on the template or on the paper.

Pull the paper template off the board 

Add string in a zig zag pattern 

Tammy Brabec (402)750-7722 

pick colors
place block under area you are nailing
color a coloring page
put your nails in
add string
add border
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women discussion group
pick color
place a solid block under the area you are nailing
Cut out the pattern then trace it on your board
start nailing
more nails will make it more solid
start with one side and then move to the other side
all done!
nailed it!
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Option 1
nail on paper
tear paper out
i had a lot of trouble with nails coming out
Option 2 cut out, trace and then nail
nail on the pencil lines
sometimes a needle nose pliers helped
light green on leaves
one ream of light green per side
added dark green on the outside of the plant
OK i a painting this. UGH! I could't get it to look ok
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pick color
place a block under where you are nailing
do all white pieces first
remove paper before doing the white on the tires
black next
place a fun clothesline under for pictures or fun notes
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Ladies Night String Art

Watch our Ladies Night Zoom session

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