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Baptized in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and Holy Spirit

Please fill out the form below if you wish to be or wish to have your child baptized.  To read more on Sponsors scroll down below this form.  Do you have any questions about Baptism Please email Pam Hansen. 

Baptism Form 
Which worship service are you requesting?
Are the mother or father members?

Thank You & God Bless You!

What is a Sponsor?

Having sponsors (or godparents) derives from the ancient church practice of a mature, reliable Christian serving as a spiritual mentor and encourager of those being baptized into the Christian life. The sponsor/godparent is a lifelong commitment to spiritually nurture the one being baptized to make a profession of faith for themselves and continue in their growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In all infant baptisms, the parents or other family members serve as the primary sponsors, and in many churches, especially Roman Catholic practice, another Christian or two may be named as godparents. The parents, sponsors and the whole congregation affirm their own faith and their commitment to raise the child as a Christian. If neither of the parents or guardians is a member of a Christian church, at least one of the sponsors must be a professing member in The United Methodist Church. Otherwise, sponsors don’t have to be United Methodist, but should be members of a Christian church.

Being invited to be a child’s godparent is an honor and a serious responsibility. Godparents play a special role in the life of the child.  They help the child know they are a beloved child of God, listen to and pray for them, and celebrate the anniversary of their baptism.

Your pastor can share more about the role and expectations of godparents.


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