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Free Community
Easter Egg Hunt & Breakfast
April 1st 

Invite your family and friends to the community Easter egg hunt! 

**New this year is the breakfast.  The Easter egg hunt will be on April 1st  for age 1 through 6th grade.  Please stop at the Registration Desk to Register and take a photo.  

The Hunt 10:00-11:00

The Easter egg hunt start at 10:00 starting with the youngest age group first.  

The Breakfast 9:30-11:00

The Breakfast will begin at 9:30 and will be served in the LL Lower Level of the church.  

The Photo 9:30-11:00

Bring your camera to snap some shots in front of a spring backdrop.  

The Crafts 9:30-11:00

There will be craft tables just inside the east doors for kids who are waiting for their age group to hunt or waiting for a sibling to get done hunting. 

Volunteers for The Hunt
Sign up to help with the Easter Egg Hunt

(job descriptions below the Easter Opportunities Form) 

Job Descriptions for the Easter Egg Hunt

Egg Stuffers 
Tale a tote of Easter eggs home with you and stuff them.  We have a child that has pet allergies so please consider stuffing at the church.  

Time Commitment  9:10—11:00 
Greeters are needed to welcome and direct persons to where they need to be.  You will be the first person visitors will see in our church.  Please familiarize yourself with the schedule.

Egg Hiders 
Time Commitment  9:10—11:00 
You will hide eggs for four different groups.  There is a map and signs that will help with your mission.  Please direct all kids to pick up a bag or basket even if they brought their own.  In the bag is some information about our church and Easter worship.  Remind the kids to open their eggs inside for prize eggs and they can do crafts inside while they wait for the other hunts to end.  

Registration Clipboard 
Time Commitment  9:10—11:00 
This person have all kids register for the hunt.  We would like to get the parents information to send them future events at the church.

East Door Announcer 
Time commitment 9:10-11:00

We need a person to stand in the doorway and announce the next age group to hunt..  There will be an announcer outside for the hunt, your job is just to make sure all kids get to hunt with their age group. You will sit the kids on the pew and give them a bag.  The kids that come in can go look for prize eggs, so direct them to the craft area to look in their eggs.   

Clean up Crew 
Time 1 hour at about 11:00-12:00

This person will put away the craft tables.  Carry the Easter stuff to 3rd floor.  Take down decorations and other things.  

 Find Hidden Easter Objects 


In this Happy Easter Photo find...
2 Jesus
5 Crosses
15 Bunnies
1 Tomb
1 Crown of thorns and nails
31 Eggs 
1 He Lives Sign

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